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Collecting News

  • Rare 1792 penny sells for $1.15 million
    A 1792 Silver Center Cent was auctioned in Illinois for over $1 million. The coin, considered the third best example of fourteen known to exist, was last sold at auction in 1974 when it reached a price of $105,000.
  • United States Mint Announces New $1 Coin Numismatic Program Lineup
    Today, the United States Mint announced four new numismatic product options for Presidential $1 Coins. The four new options make the coins available to the public at affordable prices in varying quantities.
  • Gun collection may have been motive for murder
    A woman and her daughter returned home Monday after a night out of gambling and discovered her husband had been murdered and all his guns and his truck stolen.
  • Turkmen president races Bugatti to win
    Turkmenistan's authoritarian leader has proven he doesn't only win elections easily, coming first in a car race he wasn't even supposed to take part in.
  • These 'Star Wars' coins are mint
    Save up your credits. The New Zealand Mint is unleashing a force of "Star Wars"-theme coins that will serve as legal tender on the tiny island of Niue.
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